Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Life and Death

My mum died 4 years ago today. And today I met my 4 month old niece for the first time.
Two major players in my life in very different ways. I found this juxtaposition (why do I HATE this word so much!!!?) lovely.

Thankfully I had contacted my Auntie Marina and Uncle Tommy in adnvance of my trip West and asked them if they could meet me at the cemetery and then be my guests for lunch ( SO grown up and its about time.) My brother Sean brought the kids over from the East Bay and Eileen took a quick break from a crazy work schedule so we could all meet at Mum and Dad’s grave to check in and show respect. I embraced my 8 month older niece Oonagh and my 8 month older nephew John. Once again kids happy to see their uncle. They had not forgotten me either! And wee Rita. I had never laid eyes on her until this moment when I peered down into to her stroller which is perched on the grass atop the dead body next to Mum and Dad. Life and death entwined. “Grandma, Grandpa, here’s your new granddaughter. Don’t get up, it’s okay, but she is here above you.”

I played “Mist Covered Mountains” on my bagpipes (Scott, I want you to play this at my funeral) to honor my parents and then we all went to Baker’s Square.

My new niece, Rita, with Big sis, Oongah and Big Bro John
Auntie Marina with Rita

Gotta love Baker's Square private banquet fascility

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