Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Into the Dark Night

It is a dark night indeed as I write this. It is going to be a light morning if I don't get to bed soon.

Here I am just announcing I want to vlog and thinking about getting a Flip camera and Christopher Nolan shoots "The Dark Knight," the new Batman movie.

I went to a screening of it tonight and it is superb. It is an incredible achievement in large scale action filmmaking. I could not shoot one chase scene of it. He is an amazing director. I will not spoil it. My only issues were with length, one casting choice, and another motivational choice, but overall the whole thing is top notch. If you want a fright and a psychological thrill ride, go see "The Dark Knight."

Heath Ledger was to me like Kathy Bates was in "Misery" - so convincing in his madness that one could no longer see the actor behind the character. Amazing performance. He was really something especially when you think of his Ennis role in "Brokeback Mountain." So many major lights burn so bright and then must go out. I guess that was his story.

Another thing was that Chicago instead of New York stood in for Gotham. Chicago itself was a great character in this. I have to go see that city.

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criticlasm said...

I am loving that everyone loves this movie, but I was really disturbed by it. I have been avoiding writing about it because of the job, but I really want to. Heath Ledger is amazing in it--unsettling.