Thursday, July 24, 2008

Patrick’s Eve

Seona and Jeff came up from Morro Bay and the whole family converged on Eileen and Rick’s cabin in the Russian River for a family holiday. I had never been to their new place and it was magnificent. I loved every nook and many of the crannies. The beds everywhere and the deck and the repurposed craft decorations all worked perfectly. I am so happy for them and grateful for their hospitality in hosting all of us. So grown up to have a summer place as well as a city place, don’t I think?

Today is the day before my birthday which I will so happily celebrate with my family. What good fortune this visit, this holiday, fell on my birthday. I look around and I am happy. By day I am happiest. We have always (ever since I coined it many years ago) called this day "Patrick’s Eve." I still want to be called Pat by my family except for this exception.

Family dining along the Russian River, No. California.

My two nephews and one lucky uncle.

Mitch playing a Native American something-or-other with his second favorite uncle, Jeff

Da lassies, Oonagh and Claire

Like we used to do when we were kids, putting on a show for the parents.

Two Irish Dancers.

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