Monday, July 21, 2008


I have been blogging daily for almost a year now. It is time to check in. Or check out?

I am wondering if I should stop. The whole idea initially was to teach myself about the world of blogging and how to attach a photo or a video. I have done this.

Since I didn't have an idea for a blog that I felt confident enough to write about I decided to just write about my move to New York and subsequent life there. So basically an on-line diary is what I have. I cover my life for the cyberworld. Hey, no one else was out there covering my life so I guess I was offering a service. Or maybe there is a clear reason why no one was doing this. Supply and demand, baby.

Now I feel in a slump. What I feared was that it would come to just this: I write about my thoughts and worries for all to read - boring, banal, blubbering.

I need to end this or go to a marriage encounter weekend for bloggers. What I like is writing and observing and oftentimes seeing if I can express what I observe in a way that is unique. Now I have fallen into I did this and here is a picture.

This blogging was supposed to take me places. I have a friend who blogs for the Tennis Channel. He is damn good writer. I read daily blogs that are about stuff beyond the blogger's breakfast habits or holiday snaps.

I have no idea who is out there and I am embarrassed to say this to the faceless faithful three who read, but I am in a slump. But I am not sure I want to stop daily writing. Maybe I revamp the space and come back with a PERSONA or an ANGLE. Maybe I am an netherworld circus clown who shares recipes, but burns everything. Maybe I write about the Parks of New York. What is there a need for out there that I could fulfill. What is the itch that I could scratch? Are Pandas or Famolares covered on the web as much as they need to be? Do I print the "Word of the Day" and then write something pithy about it? Do I cover car shows but from the perspective of a dumbass?

It all started out because I was told to to blog I think in a way to shake up my life. Now I am essentially on the heap pile of bloggers with a power cord stuck in my arm: strung out, uninspired.

Maybe I go to Group which is a real New York thing. But I do Blogger Group. Or I take a writing class and keep it to myself.
Oh, here's a photo of San Francisco from the car.


criticlasm said...

Wierdly, I was thinking about the same thing with my LJ, and thinking I don't keep up my blogger one at all. I call it blogtigue. Too much. Sometimes maybe a break is good. But it's good to keep up--I enjoy reading it. :)

Maureen said...

So you pull the plug after my picture makes the Blog? I feel sooooo responsible!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. Sorry you feel you're in a slump- I blame it on the heavy and hot New York summer!

Tony Westbrook said...

You never know WHO is reading and WHO you might inspire. You are funny, witty, intelligent and lead an interesting and fascinating life! So, blog on Baby!!!
A fellow Blogger!