Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In the Park in the Dark

NY Phil/Central Park - Two Great Taste Sensations.

There is this blog that now has a book deal called "Stuff White People Like." It is essentially all the things that rock white people like Target, sweaters, gay friends, farmer's markets, comparing people to Hitler, suggesting they understand poverty and hardship through personal anecdotes, etc. It doesn't mean other people don't like these things, but white people definitely do. It is quite well written and photographed. And has a book deal. Nuff said.
The NY Phil played their summer concert in the Park tonight. this was SO something white people like. "White people like concerts in the park with picnics." So true. I know.

Ron was the red hen who mobilized the troops and made this happen. He made most of the amazing food and saved the space while we all worked. It was wonderful.

4:30pm. Ron lays claim to expensive real estate.

Later that day.

My detailed map e-mailed to all participants.
I went over in the afternoon to help him set up and I photographed the spot so in my multimedia way I could e-mail them the info with photo so they could find us. The trouble is this place fills up with of similarly looking, well, white people.

Pat and John put their heads together

Ron, Shawn and Gillian.
It was a mob scene of chilled white wine and cheese when I got back at 6:30pm. We had great real estate. If the Great Lawn were Manhattan we were right in the 70s and Central Park West.

My new town. Love it so much.
My biggest joy in life next to flossing and watching otters play is having people meet each other. I am a connector and I love just to watch people I think are great interact. I also like talking to strangers and there was plenty of that as your neighbors' plaid blankets were rubbing up against your tarp and table cloth in this high density market of concerts in the park.

Pat and John and Shawn and Nicole and Gillian and Ron and Stephen and Jay and myself finally all made it. Hilary was on the other side by the Texan flag landmark and could not get past the barricades. It was as if in a horror movie where a loved one is so close, yet too far to save. She had to walk around which is a bigger ordeal than can be interestingly described here. This and bad cell phone service (something white people HATE) could not save the day and Hilary called it. She wrote to me later and said people were just too vicious and mean and she just could take it no longer. Her sister who is high up in the music business here said, "The softer the music, the harder the people." I love that line.

Hilary's meal that she never got.
But those of us entrenched had a wonderful time and the music was beautiful. So clear. I stood in the middle of Central Park at night surrounded by friends and looked over the masses to the lit buildings lining Central Park South while the NY Phil played Beethoven and had to pinch myself.


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