Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ma Vie au Nord Hatley, Quebec

N. Hatley, QC

Hanging out avant diner

I live here now. Don't I? I live by a lake in French Canadia and I swim in it and go to different peoples' houses for dinner and walk in the village. That is what I do.
We had a lot of rain today and it was glorious sitting on the huge, old, sprawling porch looking at it come down over the lake.

Jan, Ashley and son Bodie on the porch swing. As life should be.
This evening we were invited over to Ashley's step-aunt, Val's house for dinner. She has a KNOCK OUT house looking out over the lake. It was great meal and seeing Val and Laur, the two sisters, just be together was worth the price of admission. I felt blessed to watch them as it made me feel the closeness I feel with my sibs when we are together.

Laur and Val with wee Bodie Man!

Val made us a wonderful meal and we dined on the enclosed porch looking out over the lake. The food was as stunning as the house and conversation and good times paled it all.

Manger avec vue du lac

I live here.

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