Saturday, May 31, 2008


In my book this is great weather. It didn't last long, but it was magnificent. Living in a city where I am walking and not driving AND there is variable weather is exciting to me. Remember when Steve Martin as the weatherman in LA STORY used to pre-record his weather reports as "75 degrees and sunny" or something like that because it was always that same weather? (And I know LA readers that is not a 100% true at all, but it is 75% true!) Here the heavens just open and wail and then it is off to sunny Sunday brunch.

Where is the city with the perfect weather conditions where you read a lot AND you are in the best physical shape of your life through outdoor activities?

Wait, are you saying that is up to ME?!

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Lexa said...

another really cute pic.

Actually these days in L.A., it's 100 degrees and sunny one day, 50 and cloudy the next day. Seriously. It's really weird this year.