Sunday, May 11, 2008

John Adams In the Santa Barbara Wine Country

I am in the middle of watching the HBO production of "John Adams." He and Abigail just got back from England and one of his sons is a drunk and another is courting a 15 year old girl. "Those sophomores will ruin your law career" I think he tells John Quincy.

Gee, I hope I didn't spoil anything for you.

And he dies in the end. Oops.

I have been excited to see this as I was a HUGE fan of the book upon which it is based. The book by David McCullough is a non-fiction masterpiece that reads like a page-turner. I was captivated, moved and humbled at every turn by what it took these people to make a country happen. It was my "Harry Potter" meaning it got me to enjoy reading again.

I even felt myself gritting my teeth at Ben Franklin. He was so not nice to John. I wanted to jump in, powder a wig and protect John from that brilliant ponce. He hurt John's feelings. And Mr. Adams never got the recognition or his face on a coin like the others.

I always said my mom would have cheated on my dad with only two men. They were McGyver and Thomas Jefferson. I just knew it by the way she was all giddy around those two. I think it is charming, but I tell you that Ben could have spoken all the French in his arse-nal and I would have batted him away with some Greek that John taught me. No, I am not rocked by John in any way, but I would have had a poster of him over my bed.

You go, Mom! I see a pattern.

Where was I? Paul Giamatti plays him in the HBO version. I am sorry. He is a good actor, but I think like Bob Denver and Gilligan's Island, he is somewhat typecast for me. I will not allow him out. I cannot but expect his John Adams to really go mad and drink a whole spittoon from a winery. In fact, I will wait for it once he gets snubbed again.

But still I am in love with the story. I look forward to watching it and reliving the book.

Ben, be nice!

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