Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Call Myself a Blogger

It is bad enough I am not vlogging, but here I am a semi-professional blogger with a digital camera and an i-phone (with camera) and I have no photos to support many of my posts. At this stage in the game it is inexcusable.

Let me lie down on the couch for a moment. Ah, there.
Doc, I used to have pluck. I used to have "I'm not a tourist, I'm a blogger" fearlessness when it came to photographing my food in restaurants or taking the snap of the guy selling me shoelaces. Now I have performance anxiety. I have to get back to NO SHAME. I owe it to my readers to have visual support to my scintillating editorial.

Like: "Here I am high atop the Chrysler Building where they never let the public go." NO photo.

Just for example. I have not actually done that. Yet.

Or: "And he was in Bryant Park sitting at a table holding a mirror whilst using tweezers to pull out his nosehairs." THIS needs photographic backup. Which I do have with my i-SPY-Phone camera. But NO ZOOM! It was odd.

(Notice mirror. He was holding tweezers and plucking nose hair in front of female companion. And now the world.)

Tonight I was at the HBO party for and screening of my friend Marina's doc ROMAN POLANKSI: WANTED AND DESIRED. She was there from LA. The party overlooked gorgeous Bryant Park. The view was stunning. My pal Robin was there. And Christian. I went with my good friend Ron and ran into Sam and Ann and Dru and my friend Jennie's friend from high school in California was a super small world experience. This all needs photographic support! And if I wrote about the sushi chefs or the fruit in martini glasses my readers will want to see these things! Silly, I know, but c'mon when you see the dumb photo of the food it always enhances the post. So what if I look like a ho-dad taking the shot?! Especially at an event with documentary filmmakers! Wouldn't they understand it most of all?

Doc, I need to get over my fear and get back to my old fearless, snappy, "can you stand there holding this grapefruit like this?" self!

(Pssst. More importantly, saw Sophia Coppola walking on street in Soho last night. DAMN! No photo!)

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Robin Palmer said...

I stole the cartoon and put it on my you hate me? I gave you credit. xx