Saturday, May 24, 2008

Taking a Page Out of a 1520 Page Book.

I myself am nothing. I just happen to have great friends. George is a big silent auction guy and gives a lot of money to a lot of good causes. And this results in me going to concerts at Carnegie Hall, box seats at Staples Center, etc. Today was a private, guided amazing architectural tour of 57th by David Fishman, author of "New York 2000: Architecture and Urbanism from the Bicentennial to the Millennium." (Again I put this in quotes because I have not learned to underline on this thing!)

He was a super nice guy and the whole thing was just brilliant. I know a lot about 57th Street that will bore the pants off many of my friends now. WaaahhhhHHHHahhhhaaaHHHHaa!
Afterwards we went to his architectural firm to see the penthouse offices that were covered in Architectural Digest a few months back. Amazing views of the city and a fab outdoor deck. I pretended I lived there and entertained. I really, really did.

I see myself in this chair thinking really important thoughts whilst the duckling cooks.

George and David Fishman

from the AD issue:

Then we went to Manganaros on 9th for lunch. This place has been there since 1893. It is my observation that about everything in New York City began 1893 or 1892. I just feel I hear those two years thrown around a lot. Anyway, it was a great old Italian grocery/deli with two delightful sisters working there. I hear they are feuding with relatives at the sub shop next door. How "many, many generation immigrant family from the Old Country" is that?! I bet it is a publicity stunt! Feuding and cannoli go together like Guinness and bar fights. I love the old ways.

the old deli. Smell the feuding and meatballs.

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