Friday, May 9, 2008


New York

Driech is a Scots word that I grew up with meaning "dreary, dull, bleak, wet and dismal."And today was just plain DRIECH!

And, of course, I LOVED IT! I love what some call "miserable weather." I remember someone once said "There is no bad weather, just bad clothing." I love that. Of course, I will change my tune completely in summer when it is humid and sticky. THAT to me is bad weather. But give me the rainy, bleary, cold and grey day and I am happy as a pig in really cold, miserable, rainy weather.

I worked from home today in flannel bottoms and drank loads of tea and I realized that I was totally content. Being at home in this weather working at the computer in comfort is the best.

I did go out this evening to meet someone for drinks at the New Yorker Hotel. That was fantastic. I loved being out in the rain in my raincoat and being wet on the subway and getting out of the subway in the rain and then going back in the rain afterwards.

I found a perfectly good umbrella in the 81st St. station and then I had something to shield me.

But the best part is getting home, making tea , getting in flannel and just being okay.

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