Friday, May 23, 2008

Blow It Out Your Glass

Argggh. I am overloaded with mobile, blogging, vlogging, social networking, and twittering. Some I do, some I haven't even tried but the whole thing overwhelms and excites me! I want to do more, but who has time for INSTANT?!

Greg and George are here from CA. We walked through the park to the eastside and went to the Cooper-Hewitt Museum to see a glassblowing demonstration at Andrew Carnegie's old pad. Greg is a glassblower and I got an A in glassblowing in college! It was great to work in the morning and then be out and about on such a lovely day. This is one of only two mansions (the Frick being the other) with front lawns on 5th Avenue!

Artist who has conceived concept of Gummi Bears in Glass

Craftsman at work

George and Greg

Andrew's old house in bg.

That evening we had a lovely meal on Restaurant Row at Le Rivage (get ready for INSTANT corny/lovely French music when you hit link!) avant theatre. It was pre-fixe and old school and I loved it. I would go back. Then we went to the Cort Theatre to see The 39 Steps. I could only think of how much my mother would have loved this romp in the highlands. It was Hitchcock's film told with 4 actors playing all the parts with great comedic effect. A great night out. I recommend it.

Outside the play.

So lovely weather, some work, a walk across the park, a mansion/museum, dining with old dear friends and live theatre. It really does not get any better. Truly it doesn't. I will refer back to this entry when I begin to get whiny!

Here's where I could take this entry:

"I wish I lived in a mansion like that!"
"Why am I not an artist with a thin body and an English accent?"
"This restaurant is fine, but I wish I was in Paris. Why am I in New York? I should be in Paris?"
"Why didn't I write this play?"
"I want to be nominated for a Tony."
"Why am I single?"
"I need to lose weight."
"Why won't I join a gym?"
"Will I ever own a place?"
"My face has so many wrinkles."
"I'm tired."
"I need cookies"
"When is this evening going to end?!"

But that would only happen if I was insane...

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Robin Palmer said...

You. Are. Hysterical. xx R