Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Want My Face Back

My two lovers. It was a whole thing.

I just spent 40 minutes writing a post. I added a picture and I somehow lost the whole damn thing. It was basically some dumb ass thing about how I had taken not one, but two lovers. One named Ben and one named Jerry. Then I did some ha ha joke about how I was so in love they put my in a Haagen Daze. I then used about every Ben & Jerry's ice cream name in my sentences in a really cute, funny and BRILLIANT way. Then I did a thing about how Ben used to tickle my cheek and Jerry used to talk baby talk and say "You don't look fat in that housedress." And I went on beating a Dead Horse (NOT one of their flavors, just an expression) The whole thing was a cry for help because I am on a total ice cream binge and I cannot seem to stop. I am a proud lifetime member of Weight Watchers and I seem to be trying to recreate my BEFORE picture.

So that was the basic idea. And then I say I am going to leave them and I hope they turn into Phish Food and blah, blah, blah.

I'm done. There is some French Vanilla waiting for me.

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