Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fort Greene, Brooklyn

The Fort Greene Flea Market. Lovely, lovely

Sean organized a cross borough trip to the Fort Greene Flea Market in Brooklyn in honour of Paul's return to New York. It was a beautiful day, John's birthday and all was right except the guest star was sick as a dog. So we left him well care-for and off we went.

The setting is spectacular. If I was held at gunpoint and had to over-generalize then Manhattan to me is San Francisco and Brooklyn is Berkeley. This day at the flea just cemented that. It is such a different vibe over there and I loved the trees and the architecture and just the easier pace. Of course I am still way too excited by Manhattan to ever defect, but I do get why people love it there.

Pat, Sean, Pat, John

Afterwards Pat and John left to get ready for John's birthday dinner and Sean and I decided to go wandering to find that cool hole in the wall place tucked away behind that really amazing whatever you call it. Essentially we wandered the projects and headed due East of anything interesting. We had lunch at Brown Betty Cafe which says it is in the Clinton Hill area which just screams as a cover up name for a not so nice area. Sorry, but it does! The limeade was really good.

And just so you know the snob and commoner who is writing this blog, the highlight of all the outer borough grooviness had to be turning the corner and seeing the red letters of TARGET. To paraphrase the bible here, "He wept." I have not seen mass market Mizrahi "since 7 months" and here I was at the Vatican of Listerine and all things just so great. When you walk into one of these joints you have no idea where in America you are. It is a free ride on the mall fantasy train. I got mouthwash and toothpaste and some t-shirts and camouflage band-aids. Oh and a 99 cent spatula. This is livin'. I even have lounge shorts that scream "slob/"former jock" for wearing around the house.

Sean busy provisions to bring back to desolate Manhattan

Ah, Brooklyn, my Brooklyn.


Robin Palmer said...

I WANT TO GO TO THE FLEA MARKET!! Can we do a Bklyn field trip soon?

Anonymous said...

looks like you all had a great time .