Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dining Al Fresco in Brooklyn

Met my friend Cooper at the Sundance Film Festival Goes to BAM event. He was here from LA and it was great to see him. It was so good to see Todd and Matt and Trevor as well. I really miss my days on the Fest side of life. They are all great and talented people.

BAM (or the Brooklyn Academy of Music) is a huge ass place as is Brooklyn itself. Yet both are intimate as well. It was an exciting field trip to even go there. I got to watch a Shorts film program and then listen to Todd and Trevor on a panel afterwards. Saw my boss from the channel there and some other people too. Again if I could do it it would be the film festival life. I lerve it. Air kissing and parkas and a lot of hard work. I am IN!

After the event Cooper and I took off in a taxi with Steven to Jerret and Cort's for a dinner party. Chris, Steven's partner met us. (You probably are confused and checked out, but I need to have accuracy as well as my own interpretation of what happened.)

That is pork with prosciutto and sage and chunks of bread. A-mazing.

I know there were keggers in my twenties and clubs/bars in my thirties, but I have to say dinner parties in my 40s is by far the best. It is one of my favorite things in life (ed. note: Perhaps you should throw one?!)

Jerret and Cort are documentary filmmakers who take off on Wednesday for South Africa on their latest project and they had time to have us all over for a Tuscan feast in the back garden. Can you just smell the sage and see the lights? It was just perfect: the food, the people, the chat. And the weather. Their home is a lovely brownstone from the 1800s down the street from a building that was there during the Revolutionary War and Washington may have been there. That sort of vibe. They are truly so gracious that I felt completely welcome. They had all the excellent hosting skills! Now to brush up on my guesting. We started around 6:30 and left close to midnight. No charades were even played. It was almost like being in Italy.

Cooper got me into the whole indie film biz and here I am surrounded by people who do it. Incredibly pinchmyself worthy. It was great. Funnily enough we talked more about theatre and pop culture than Botswana and Global Warming. And lots of attention was paid to who was the best Gypsy. This conversation happens a lot in New York. Well, with the people I meet...

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