Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sun, Rain, Food, Film

I went to New Rochelle, NY today, home of Rob and Laura Petrie, to practice with the band. We played in a park with green grass, a brook, some geese and New Rochelle High School in the background. This high school is so pretty is looks like the town hall at Disneyland. Kids must be happy there. Heck, I was happy by the brook with the geese. People must love being in New Rochelle. I bet is kick's the old Rochelle's ass.

This evening I was out watching Sean's friend, David Quantic's film, "Dish." It was a short about gay Orpah fans. Very well done. I think my sister Eileen would have been perfect for this, if she were well...

Sean, David and I went for great Chinese food afterwards.

All of this happened during TORENTIAL rain here in NYC. The heavens just opened and there was thunder and lightening and loads and loads of rain. I was soaked. I even had to take my shoes off and wring out my socks in the subway. Classy.

The Chinese was great.

I wish I had pictures of the rain, but in place I leave you with this:

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criticlasm said...

We were just talking about this, since we have a "red light" joke at work. Turns out asking someone if you can give them a neckrub is yellow light, so we say things like "can I give you a naked hug? Red light!"