Friday, June 13, 2008

It's a Fine, Fine Life

Today was really a perfect day. And I will tell you why: hard work and action. Not the kind of action that would make it a stellar day, but hard work and movement.

I worked on the mobile project with concentration and focus. I then put it aside and had a late lunch out on the deck. Then it was off the Central Park to practice pipes.

Seems the sound of the pipes drifts across the park and I had people come from the Museum of Natural History and the Marionette Theatre to hear me today. I am there to practice and I used to find people an annoyance, but now I see that playing in front of others and for others is a good thing for me. I only get better.

Many people stopped and listened. I had a virtual busload of school kids. Then a man in a wheelchair with his Guamanian helper and two kids in yarmulkes became my biggest fans. They really enjoyed it and I enjoyed them. I was a little miffed with the guy on the next bench who was drinking vodka out of a plastic bottle because he put in headphones! He was sitting in the same spot as the lovers who made out while I played some slower tunes. Any way I can be of service!

After the park I headed to the gym and had a good workout and an awesome steam. I left my stuff there and went across the street to Lincoln Center and bought a ticket for the ballet. What a treat! I had the best time. A full orchestra, Brahms, Balanchine and some excellent dancers. I was totally engaged. And I remain engaged all the way on my walk home up Columbus.

State Theatre, Lincoln Center

Life gets no better than today and I am thankful.

Having said all that, the only thing that was just a total drag about this day was hearing that Tim Russert died. I am still totally shocked. I know I would not feel this weight over Tom Brokaw or Sam Donaldson. (Cokie, yes) Nothing against them, but I just felt that I knew Tim, which I don't, and that he was just a lovely, lovely guy and smart as a whip. And at only 58 it makes it really hard to take. I am sorry for his family and especially his son. This is a big loss for him. I know.

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