Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gay Pride. A Pride Like No Other.

Patrick needs a stylist. And he is thinking again. Too much with the thinking, he thinks.

Was out with the boys for the Gay Pride Parade in New York City. My first.

In New York City.

If I were a baby and this was a baby book, today's entry would be "Pat's First NYC Pride." Notes would be made like:

"Governor Patterson was there. Mr. Sulu and his fiance were there. Lots of hot firemen and guys who play rugby were there. And lesbians of all stripe being sassy and Sapphic. Pat was well-behaved. Too well behaved."

But the photos would all be of drag queens because, let's be honest, they are just more interesting to photograph and they know how to pose.

I go to these things now wondering how I will "feel." Do I feel proud? No. Do I feel ashamed? Nah. I guess I feel like I am going to hang at a city event with friends and have fun and people watch.

But I do think that I now think about things too much. Think, think, think.

I have nothing more to say. Because it will just sound, well, "thoughtful."

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criticlasm said...

OMG--I forgot! Your first NYC pride--kind of humungous, huh? I love the 'take over the city' feeling, and the moment of silence, which kind of fell flat here. Hope you had a great time on top of all the thinking.