Friday, June 27, 2008

City Alive

Frank and I went out tonight to see a film and have dinner. Very New York (very anywhere, actually) and it felt so great to be OUT in the city. New York is buzzing right now with summer and people and LIFE. I feel it and I love it. I thought I would never want to leave winter, but walking around in shorts, people watching and dining al fresco is pretty great.

We ate at Arte Pasta on Greenwich and it was really good. The service was off, but the food was good and it was great to chat, chat, chat and sit outside and watch the world go by. We always have a good laugh which I enjoy immensely. I also enjoyed my beet salad and a fettucine bolognese. Perfetto cosi. Afterwards we went to Cones on Bleecker for gelato. I had mascarpone con frutti de bosco which was really good. (Though nothing in the US has beaten Capogiro in Philly.) We ate it in Sheridan Square Park surrounded by Village hubbub. We were living our lives in the city!

I walked Frank up to Port Authority and this is was where The Out of Towners began. I planned to hop on the C train like any sophisticated, knowledgeable UWS New Yorker, but I got on the E instead. I noticed this at 53rd and 5th which was a stop Frank had been talking about earlier and I had no plans to see directly. I find it best just to backtrack. Iwaited and got the traing back to 50th. Turns out you have to leave the station to get the uptown C. No problem. Up, up, up the escalator and out. I get to the uptown station and my card won't work. It is after midnight at this point and my monthly pass has expired. Oh. My. God? Train is coming and I have punched my zip code in incorrectly for the credit card purchase. I breathe as I know I have issue with performance anxiety when it comes to public transport. Okay, private transport too.

All ends well as I get home at just before 1am on a fine New York summer night.

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