Friday, June 20, 2008

La Dolce Teresa

Okay, this city just slays me. I live here!

La Dolce Teresa has come to town with her wonderful aide de camp and husband Jose Luis. It is amazing and important to me how many years we have all known each other. Teresa and I went to college together and had many a lovely bottle of wine under the jacaranda in the sculpture garden at UCLA after Italian Cinema class. All in the name of study. Ah, what great times.

I adore this woman and she will mind me saying so in public, but no matter. Teresa and Jose came up to my pied a terrace for breakfast. It was a lovely morning. I served a perfectly perfect UWS New York repast of H& H bagels, hand cut salmon from Fairway and all the fixings offset by excellent Citerella French Roast and fresh pineapple and blueberries. It was fun.

Today was Upper West Side tours. We walked through the park which cannot help but be glorious and down to the Plaza where the once beautiful Oak Room (Ah, G & T's in the 1980's ...) is being completely redone, along to Columbus Circle and up to Lincoln Center. Teresa seemed to know everything about everything architecturally-wise and then some.

After a hot dog at Gray's Papaya we walked past the Dakota and rested on the beautiful grass by Imagine in the park. I had to exit stage left to go back and do some work plus my heel spur is acting up big time. This has to be re-addressed as I keep not dealing with physical pain by turning up the radio in my body as it were. What would Jennifer Jones as St. Bernadette do? She would suffer and then build a pond!

Taken before I put my hand through my sunglasses.

I am reminded ONCE AGAIN that life is pretty fantastic if one (ie me) let's it just be so.

But it is hard to sit still and be grateful knowing that we are going to the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island tomorow!

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