Monday, June 16, 2008

God was Happy. God was Angry.

I took this pic to show my sis in CA the beginnings of my terrace planting.

Today was another odd weather day that I love so much here. I feel the variety just touches my soul in some way. There is something about weather that I feel so oddly connected to and missed all the years in LA. Not to say there wasn't variety, just not enough of it for me.

It was beautiful blue skies during the earlier part of the day. The sun shone and the weather was mild. The kind of day you would photograph kittens in wicker baskets with balls of wool out of doors if so inclined. The kind of day you would grab a nurse and bend her just so and kiss her. But only if a war had just ended. It was that kind of day.

I ventured out in my shorts and t-shirt to take the subway and the bus to the Bronx for band practice. Something told me to throw my raincoat in my pipe case. As the bus approached my stop the sky was BLACK. I prayed for it to hold 2 more minutes until I got inside the relative safety of Kelly Ryan's pub. It was having none of it and the heavens opened as we alit from the M17. The sky flashed bright with lightening and the thunder applauded. The rain was from the torrential school. Essentially me and the lady in the Glad bag got nailed. Totally nailed.

Later that day at the pub. Torrents of rain.

I played that night in the band with wet underpants and socks. Had I been wearing a kilt all would have been fine.

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