Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Civil Rites

Today was the first full day that the State of California allowed gay people to marry, well, other gay people.

I really hate the term "gay marriage" as if it is some different ritual. It is allowing gay couples the right to marry with all rights and privileges under the eyes of the law. There is nothing gay about it as far as I am concerned.

I was watching this History Channel doc on Martin Luther King, Jr. tonight. It was really powerful. Another amazing story of a young person thrust onto the international stage to stand up for something against loads of odds AND lead others at the same time. He was a compelling speaker, an astounding leader and a human being who rightfully deserves the national holiday named after him.

It made me think once again of what it means to be a stand up person. One who stands up for what is right. And this whole bruhaha over allowing gay people the same equal rights under the eyes of the law is this moment's civil rights movement. It is what is right. Think how benign this will all look years from now. Think of all the ugly b-roll of hate today that matches the newsreel from the sixties of hosings and clubbing of black people with "respectable" white men and woman yelling racist bile. Think of that equivalent now. Lots of nice people you know do that. And did that.

I don't care if you agree. I don't care if you have a religious issue with it. I just care that you recognize that this country is founded on all people being created equal (whether you like it or not) and gay people DESERVE the same rights (and responsibilities) of all citizens.

And further it should be left to no vote. This really angers me. YOU have no business voting on whether you feel comfortable with me. Nor, I you. I don't give a damn what you feel on this issue. It should never be put up to a vote. I want to vote on interracial marriage or marriage that does not "naturally" produce offspring. I want that RIGHT then.
As a friend says in regards to the "sanctity of marriage" there should be a punishment of stoning for adultery.

No. This is a legal issue and needs to be national. All this political crap about leaving it up to the individual states is offensive and chicken. It is not very MLK, Jr. like. I would like to see Obama and Hillary comment that this is right.
What would MLK,Jr. do? A peaceful boycott? Not sure how many gay people take the buses, but once they stop shopping there goes the economy.

Much like black people, we are not going away. We are not going to be straight. We are here. We are equal.

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