Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fear and Fishes

So I am in the Whole Foods and I see sea scallops on sale. And this causes me to think "Wow, SOMEDAY, I should buy fresh seafood and cook it and maybe someday after that invite people over for dinner." This leads to hives, deep breaths and making a " do not pass go" beeline to the prepared foods section.

This may sound lame and odd, but I have a fear of cooking seafood and a fear of cooking for others. (And I have a fear of being covered in peanut butter and eaten alive by rodents, but the difference is I want to face the first two.) Combined I think this is called Pescapeoplephobia - an entertaining disorder resulting in eating alone or being one of those people you invite over who never returns gesture.

So...I heard that developing little voice that tells me to DO IT. Facing fears is practice. I know this. And I know I have to walk through these things and the best way is baby steps.

"Buy some scallops" the voice told me. So I did.

I got home and was like "Should I call a friend? Invite my neighbor?" I was not ready. I need to have another meal on a TV tray with Jon Stewart on DVR first. Alone. That was what I could do.

But I did it.

I googled "saute sea scallops" and got some info. I dredged them in polenta (fancy urban dweller poseur term for "corn meal") and cooked on the stove in olive oil. I had an organic zucchini not quite ready to join its overripe brother in the bin that I cooked along with red onion.

Okay, full disclosure, I listened to "America's Greatest Hits" whilst doing this. The stupidest lyrics, but I love it.

Et voila, a prepared seafood meal in my swank New York pad all done and plated in time for my one TV tray encounter with Jon on the telly.

Baby steps. Complete. Breathe. Okay.

Stay tuned for next episode:

Pat watches movies of people hosting dinner parties.



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susankiel said...

Excellent work, Grasshopper!!