Saturday, June 27, 2009

Grand Central Station

Patrick and I had a wonderful lunch at Cipriani Dolci at Grand Central Station. It was extravagant and maybe a tad silly and over the top, but I tell you that is what makes life magical and memorable sometimes. You eat in an amazing place with a close friend overlooking a famous and beautiful train station. That is it! And it is GRAND as in "fabulous" and "wonderful."

I wish I could take my dad here. That kind of place.

This photo does not capture it, but Grand Central has the WOW factor. And this indoor "al fresco" restaurant is the perfect spot to soak it in with beautiful food and service.

Grazie ancora, Patrick.

I also wanted to mention that there have been loads of films shot here including 'The Fisher King" with its amazing dancing sequence.

And I love "Improve Everywhere"'s moment of stillness.

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