Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Patrick departs Nantucket for Boston, I head to NYC!!!

I took the plane from Nantucket to JFK and then the Airtrain to the New York City Subway at Jamaica Station. The "E" train to be exact.

Once you hit with NYC subway system no one cares where you have been or that you have been away at all. And nor should they. They don't want to see your snaps or your tan; they just care that you don't take up more room with your bags.

Here are a few thoughts I had today:

1. It is an odd feeling "coming home." Wherever you have been already starts to fade and reality sets in. It just has to work that way. There has to be a shift and without the t-shirt or mug we worry it will all be forgotten. Not true. It just changes patina.

2. Where you come back to, or home, does not have to be a let down. Most places people live others would "kill" to visit or live. Yes, I want to go to Egypt and Spain and Argentina, but I live in New York City! I come home to one of the most exciting, wonderful places in the world and I live in an apartment I love on a street I love with landlords I adore. I am HERE!

3. No you do not have had to have discovered anything about yourself on holiday or made any decisions. This idea always seems forced and often the rationale for taking a trip: "I will go away on this 14 day cruise to 'clear my head' and see if 'anything comes to me' to decide my next move in life." And all you do is gain 5 pounds. I did not come back from Nantucket "enlightened" or wanting to be a paleontologist. I had a lovely, lovely time with my friend Patrick and saw another amazing part of the world. I left feeling blessed and grateful, to be truthful.

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