Saturday, June 27, 2009

Roof Top - Murray Hill

Murray Hill has a lot of history for me. My dad grew up in this part of Manhattan on 33rd St. between 1st and 2nd and I lived on 31st between Park and Madison in the 1980's. And here Patrick and I were visiting his friend Garry in the old neighborhood.

He has a wonderful apartment with a rooftop terrace that is massive and lovely. From there you can see the Met Life Tower and the New York Life Building. Their golden rooftops both shimmer at night and Garry has the perfect view of the "shimmerage."

From his bedroom you can see the Empire State Building AND the Chrysler Building, fer chrysler sake! He will NEVER be confused what city he is in when he wakes up!

This terrace could have a soccer match on it. Or a volleyball game if everyone were really, really careful. I only show you a fraction.

A rainbow over New York water towers. A good sign of something.

Holly, Garry, Pat, Patrick

Both buildings shimmering, if a little blurry for some reason.

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