Friday, June 19, 2009


My friend Patrick came to town from Seattle to see me. When I defected from Los Angeles he helped me pack a U-Haul and drove with me up to San Francisco, helped me unload at my sister's house and then flew back that night. That kind of friend.

We had not seen each other since that day and that will be 2 years in Sept. Great to see him and of course right back to our banter and talks like always. Love that.

We had a nice lunch (why are lunches always "nice"?) at Tartine in the West Village and then we walked from there to the Meatpacking, through the High Line up through Chelsea, down through the Flatiron into the East Village, No and So - Ho's, Little Italy and had dinner in Chinatown. It was a full day and a lot of catching up.

The funny thing was that we got asked for directions all over town. It was quite funny that the two Patricks were pegged as such locals. Was it the "central casting" Irishness of us?

Patrick on Pell St., Chinatown

We put in a lot of shoe leather today. New York City is just a great backdrop for about everything.

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