Sunday, May 3, 2009

Penthouse Party

A friend of mine had a birthday party at his uncle's house today. It is a beautiful penthouse apartment on the Upper West Side with wraparound deck and overlooks the Hudson River. It was beautiful. Quite.

Had a great time on this blustery and wet Sunday meeting loads of new and very nice people. Friendly. I cannot say I ever see a lot of attitude in New York. This is strange to me as I saw it in LA all the time. Not that there aren't really nice people there as well, because I have met loads of them, but I have seen a lot more sniffiness there.

This cannot really make sense. Maybe I have changed??? Ha!

It was cosmos (for some) and cupcakes and just a great time.

Oh and I also noticed that it seemed like a Noah's Ark party where everyone was two by two. Save for yours truly.

I rarely notice that in New York either.


Criticlasm said...

When you said Noah's Ark party I thought for a second you meant everyone was gay and black--lol. That's spending too much time in LA on my part.

annidug said...

I am also a big fan of New York’s best penthouse nyc. The reason being is that I love to meet new people in these kinds of parties; especially the time when there starts a group discussion among strangers in penthouse party. That is the most entertaining time to me.