Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday night. Literary Party. Way Cool Apartment. Brooklyn.

The rain fell like so many tears, but Bob and Pat were in a joyful mood as they disembarked at Clark Street Station, brightly animated with flower vendors and commuters in motion. The damp street ahead of them was lit like a movie set complete with matte background of Brooklyn Bridge etched with fairy lights. The old red brick church behind them was respectfully silent as they ascended the stairs to Stephen's flat. Once the door opened the festive mood wafted out into the street and so the evening began.

-An excerpt from a bad short story that will never be published.


I went to Brooklyn with my friend Bob to attend a cocktail party at Stephen Greco's house. Stephen is Bob's boss at ClassicalTV. It was fun at first sight. His place is beautiful and he just is one of those people who knows how to be an excellent host. It is a much-appreciated rare skill and talent. He welcomes you, asks about YOU and sells that information off so winningly to others to excite them about you as well. And he is universal about it. Plus he is fun and funny and infectious. Great food, great garden, great evening.


His shoes.



There were loads of really nice and interesting people at this party. I felt such friendliness. Lots of journalist, editors, French people and good olives. I can have no complaints. The writer Felice Picano was in from LA and Bob and he knew so many people in common. It was vicarious fun. Felice also knows my friend Shannon Kelley. Bob's friend Eric Latsky, who is head of communications at the New York Philharmonic, was really nice and told us great stories about his trip to Zurich.


I think the high point of the evening for me was hearing praise for Bob as a writer. He is a very good writer in fact and deserves the praise. He was an arts journalist at the Wall Street Journal for many years and he published a very well-received novel "Late and Soon" and is currently working on other books. He also writes a great blog called "Hughes Views" for and pieces for Not to mention he has become a really good and valued friend and I feel lucky to have met him.


As I have written previously, I am moving away from television (working in and watching) and find myself moving more towards digital media. I love the hybrids like and and the free docs on-line at Snag Films. I found, of course through Bob. It is a really super and more specific site focusing on the arts around the globe. It is amazing what you can experience from the comfort of your own laptop. Just keep the canapes off the keyboard. Check it out.

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