Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Black Watch

Before budget cuts and lay-offs and downsizing, I was flush and went to a load of theatre in New York. It is perhaps my first love. With Digital Media, Scotland and ice cream running not far behind. Oh, how to combine it all!?

I saw the National Theatre of Scotland's production of "Black Watch" last year at St. Anne's Warehouse in DUMBO. If Man. Hat. In. gave out Theatre Awards, I would give this play and production the "Best Thing I Saw in New York in 2008" Award. Wow, it was amazing on all levels: acting, writing, staging, lighting, And even decent bagpiping! ( I feel I can speak to this having played in the World Bagpipe Band Championships four times.)

The reason I bring this up is it just won the New York Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Foreign Play. This is quite something for the little engine that could. New York theatre is cut throat and this play has been to Edinburgh and beyond to New York, etc. and back to New York and just knocked their kilt socks off world o'er.

This is a perfect year for Scotland to win this award as it is the 250th Anniversary of national bard 'Rabbie' Burns' birth and there is a big push for all Scots and those of Scottish descent to come back to the homeland this year for Homecoming Scotland 2009. If you do go see a production!

The nascent National Theatre of Scotland is doing some good work and I hope to see more out of them on the world stage.

Me with Stella Litchfield, the National Theatre's Development Manager. She will love that I posted this photo again...


Vance said...

It was seriously brilliant. It's too bad they stopped performing it just as word was spreading. I wanted everyone I know to have seen it.

Criticlasm said...

I was so bummed I didn't see this last year at UCLA. It was only here a week and I heard about it after it left. I heard the same thing about it--that it was the best thing people had seen in a while.