Saturday, January 17, 2009

Prof. McDreamy

I am taking a wee break from talking about my health to focus on, well, Money. I used to have it, but for the moment it just passes through my hands and out the door. Since I have been housebound I have been watching so many political shows and have become acquainted with this dashing Scottish fellow who is flogging his book "The Ascent of Money." I have to admit that accent, that suit and those big words have caused me to be all shaky like the stock market.

I found out that there is a PBS special that he did that goes along with it. "Coo, PBS!" Clearly I need to see this special. "WATCH instead of READ? Super!" my little lazy mind says.

Well, I can't find it on the air anymore so I am watching it on-line. How modern and brilliant and on-demand is that?! I want to have kids just so I have can have grandkids just so I can hear them laugh at me : "Ha, ha. Grandpappy used to have to wait to watch stuff. Ha, ha, ha."

Hey, as good a reason as any.

Well, now I think I have a secret crush on Niall: a straight, married, younger, conservative, Oxford-educated Harvard professor from Glasgow. Why do I pick all the hard to reach ones? I read somewhere that he is "handsome in that British way." Ouch, it sounded like a snarky cutdown, but it is true; he is handsome - "in that British way." I still have a thing for Paul Krugman, the Nobel prize winning economist who lectures at Princeton. What is my deal? I am in love with impossible to reach finance guys and I don't even balance a checkbook. And I am no Marilyn Monroe.


If you want to watch "The Ascent of Money" for free on line click here.


Criticlasm said...

Nothing sexier than intellect. Sometimes the gays need to be reminded.

So you can totally think of yourself as Daniel Craig in that department. :)

And there are guys like that, they just tend to hide in their labs and offices. But we will find them! hahA!

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