Thursday, July 30, 2009

WNYC - Uncommon Economic Indicators Contest -Brian Lehrer Meets Sean McGee

Brian Lehrer and Sean McGee

My pal Sean McGee entered his 1 minute video about shops that have closed on his walk to work in WNYC's Uncommon Economic Indicators Contest. There were 100s of entries and he got 3rd Place! And...he will be in The Blackout Film Festival in New York.

Sean is now a filmmaker in a film festival! That is stuff I would dream about. And instead of sitting on a bar stool talking about it, he did it. We are very proud of our boy from the Dakotas!

A boy with a dream and a blank canvas.

Sean's world premier on the Brian Lehrer Show. Judges watch Sean's film intently.

Team McGee: Teddy, Sean, Pat, Frank

Journalist of Man.Hat In. with Filmmaker

He invited us to come to Brian Lehrer's Radio Show in Tribeca to witness history.

It was really exciting to be there and support a pal.

With 3rd you get totebag!

And watch the winning videos and their makers...

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Criticlasm said...

Wow, with that tote Sean has ARRIVED! So cool.