Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fire Island 4th. "The Invasion"

Ron and I headed "Out East" to Fire Island to BBQ with Ron's friends Lloyd and Gaston and watch another "Invasion" of drag queen via er, ferry, from Cherry Grove to the Pines. Always impressive.

It was finally fantastic weather and the ferries were full with beachgoers aiming to come over to this island without autos. It is a magical place and the lighting here seems always unique. If I were a painter, I would paint here.

Phil, Massimo, Tom, Aiden, Ron rooftop

We met up with my friends Phil and Tom on the roof of their friend's shop for perfect Invasion viewing. They had friends Aiden and Massimo over and it was nice to meet them just before the drag queens came into the harbor!Host on the roof with patriotic flag.

THE INVASION!!!!! Here come the drag queens.


Golden Girls. (But no Farrah?)

Cowgirls, I s'pose.
My faves. The flower pot girls with "Miracle Grow" purses.

A third leg.

A nice Italian girl.

After all the merry making we headed back to Gaston and Lloyd's beachhouse to lay out and then BBQ. The life!
Ron, Gaston, Lloyd
Beach food.
The house with pool. I want to stay out here some year. And so I shall!

From unnatural beauty to natural beauty!

On the pier to go back to "reality". We will miss this wonderful island and our excellent hosts.

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