Friday, July 10, 2009

Nancy and Lucy

Had coffee today with my friend Nancy and her dog Lucy. Lucy actually just watched. It was great to see them and the first time since their ordeal. Nancy was with her boyfriend and Lucy out for a walk when some guy unleashed two pit pulls on them and the dogs tore poor Lucy's chest open and it took a crowd of diners with dinner knives and smashing wine glasses and Nancy right in there getting attacked herself to get those dogs to release their jaws. Lucy was a mess and in very expensive doggy ICU. Nancy is in between gigs like me and the whole thing was just awful. The guy was arrested but who knows.

Anyway, a girl and her dog are okay now and we had coffee in the park on a beautiful morning and were grateful to be alive.

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Robin Palmer said...

I got so sad reading about Lucy. I'm so glad she's okay.