Monday, July 6, 2009

Passegiata & Fireflies

Bob at the 79th Street Boat Basin

The thrill I find in my new surroundings just does not stop. Just DOES NOT I tell you.

I practiced spontaneity tonight by calling my friend Bob who lives close by and asked him if he wanted to meet for a walk and go to Riverside Park. He said yes and we did.

(I always thinking walking after dinner is so civilized and I learned that in Italy where they call it a passegiata and they really, really do it. Everywhere. )

It was good to catch up. He has a new book editor who is championing him and I have been getting some good meetings so things are looking up for us both.

We meandered down to the Hudson River on a path through trees and bushes and there were twinkling lights everywhere. Almost as if Christmas fairy lights had been strung on leaves.

It was a FOREST of fireflies.

I had NO idea there were fireflies in New York, I says. And Bob looks at my funny with a wizened East Coast "Duh!' Hey, I thought they were just in the Midwest and on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland.

WOW!!! I was so thrilled and just AMAZED. There were these actual creatures twinkling and leading a path down to the river. I will never forget it. Magic. It WAS Disneyland as far as I was concerned.

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