Monday, July 27, 2009

Funny Photos at the River

The best thing I can give my nieces and nephews is my time. (And I must say it is pretty easy as I just get such a kick out of being with them.) But I am not handy like my brother-in-law and I am not their dad like my brother and other-brother-in-law. I am their one odd, single uncle from the East with special gifts!

But I am nothing without my Mac!

This visit we shot a mini film on Flip Video and we did funny photos on "Photo Booth." So much fun to see the wonderment and creativity they have and how technically flexible they are. This "new world' is just "world" to them. Talking on Skype, watching videos on You Tube of a animated frog racing in a car or an eagle eating a snake. And I get to be part of introducing them doing all this stuff. Great fun. Better enjoy it while it lasts before they are way ahead of me with this stuff! That will be soon.

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