Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tale of Two Cities

Pat and Joe taken on his phone

Ah my jettsetting life.

On Monday I was in San Francisco ready to ship out to New York and crashed into my friend Joe whom I know from Los Angeles BUT we went to the same high school in San Francisco. (Got that?) Small world as usual. It was GREAT to see him and we had an impromptu coffee to catch up. He and his partner Stu recently moved from Los Angeles to Marin County after I left for New York. (Let me take this moment to plug Joe's new bakery "Applebaum Bakery." If you are in the Bay Area order from him. He is good. I know first hand. My lovehandles even know. )

But before departing La La, Joe hooked me up with his friend Tony in New York who was so helpful in my entry into life here. And then I got to see Tony tonight in New York. So really hours and 3000 miles apart these photos were taken.

Tony and Pat taken on his iphone by shaky cameraman.

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Tony Westbrook said...

I love it! And behind us is where Bette Midler got her start at the BATHS!! HAH.