Monday, July 20, 2009

John Peterson at the Triad

The Cabaret crowd all settled and waiting. Jinnie, Ellie, Pat, Joan, Bud and Kim

My friend Ellie, the knower and exposer of much talent in New York City, arranged for us to see her friend John Peterson perform at The Triad on West 72nd Street. He is a performer from England who, if one had to pigeonhole for expediency, is a "song and dance man" - a throwback to a softer, shoe-ier time when men were fleet of foot and carried canes for props and not for support.

Wow, he was terrific. He took us through a kind of travelogue of the best including George M. Cohan, Anthony Newley, Fred Astaire and my favorite, Gene Kelly.

I would say he is the Bruce Springsteen of Song and Dance men in that he puts on a show that does not let up and keeps going. Like Bruce, he is pure energy and possesses genuine love for his material. He puts his all into to it and if you were to amortize your money over the evening you would have done well!

Here we are with John after the show.

You can still see him through November. For more info click on his name above.

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