Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tomorrow: Celebrate The First Annual 'Freelancers Put On Your Pants Day'

Saw this post on and thought it was apt. New York and the world are full of the pantsless at the moment. I count myself normally as one of them.

BUT...I am actually going to put on pants tomorrow it turns out as I have a one day gig! Work. With others. In an office. Yipes. Are people still shaving out there? I wonder. What are the fashions? So much I have forgotten.

And...I am working a freelance gig for a Doc film Festival as well. This I do not have to put pants on for as I work at home. Or shave. Sounds good, but it will be nice to actually work amongst people tomorrow.


Thursday Jul 09, 2009

Tomorrow: Celebrate The First Annual 'Freelancers Put On Your Pants Day'

pants jeans bluejeans clotheslineThanks to ASSME (American Society of Shitcanned Media Elites) we now have a holiday to celebrate tomorrow: the first annual "Freelancers Put On Your Pants" Day.

ASSME explains: "If you're freelance, unemployed, or underemployed, you probably work at home and don't always wear pants either. (Gentleman–no, those ratty "writing shorts" do not count.)

"This Friday, July 10th, let's all make an effort to all put on pants. Fridays are often a time for a more relaxed dress code in offices. But not for the jobless. This Friday, take a shower in the morning, fix your hair, and put on some nice clothes even if you won't be leaving the house."

Commenters replied with a variety of witticisms, like "When you say, "fix your hair," does that include actually using shampoo?" and "It would take water torture to tell how many times I have showered since I have not worked."

Now, working from home (and thus making big bucks no matter what you're wearing) is a little different from turning into a disgusting slovenly troglodyte after losing your job, but even this freelancer puts on effin' pants, or SOMETHING, on a daily basis. Today we are very stylish in a Crossroads dress...whatever that means.

And we all know how important it is to not feel disgusting after a day of sitting at the computer sending out resumes.

Anyway, go put on some pants tomorrow. Heck, don't wait 'til tomorrow. No time like the present, after all.

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