Sunday, July 26, 2009

Playing with Frogs

One of the great things lost and then often re-found as an adult is the joy of having a pet. Early on it is for discovery and later for companionship. The kids captured a frog up at the river and named it Boing! An excellent name and a departure from the usual alliterative tack at that age like naming it Freddy the Frog or Fiona the Frog.

Boing will be released back to the wild, but what fun to learn about feeding it (crickets from the pet store) and cleaning a cage and putting in fresh leaves and water. Is this all in preparation for taking care of ourselves and others that we have pets at young ages? Oh and they are cute and it is fun.

The kids are not squeamish at all about Boing's slimy exterior (acceptance of those different than ourselves?) and penchant for live crickets (preparation for an adult trip to Thailand?)

Time to go!!!

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