Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saturday in Syosett

Tonight the band played a Firemen's Parade in Nassau County in the town of Syosett. The accent is on the SY. And the accent was definitely on the SIGH tonight as we met there at 5:15 ready to set off at 6pm, but we didn't actually lift off until almost 8 o'clock. This is at night, folks. In Long Island. It was a hurry up and wait extravaganza. I could have brought my work or my knitting with me.

The actual parade seemed like a flash compare to the wait and then it was over.

But as always it was good to hang with the band and that is how we rolled this Saturday evening in Sysosett. (childhood home of Natalie Portman and Judd Apatow per Wikipedia.)

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