Tuesday, July 14, 2009

NY Philharmonic in Central Park

Ingredients for a great evening in the park:

A bunch of strangers scattered around you (Awfully lonely with just 6 and and an orchestra on the Great Lawn)

Stylish tableware. (Bastille Day- themed)

GREAT Food (OMG, those shrimp at the top of your screen - excellent.)

Civilized, cultured friends

Photos of Food with Foot:

Photos of friends taken while eating. Always appreciated by subject!

Crazy Lawn Neighbors: Ours was this Lady with Cat and chenille throw:

A World Class Orchestra:

and, of course, fireworks

Video borrowed from kind soul off of YouTube


ren said...

awww. that looks like the world's most miserable cat. poor thing. how did it respond to the fireworks? (mine huddles under the bed).

looks like a fab time!

susankiel said...

That is one hot looking toe!

Criticlasm said...

Lady with cat and chenile throw looks like a painting. Totally fab. I love that her cat just sits there. So NY. Ha.