Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Cold

Oxymoron indeed!

After a night of outdoor music and sumptuous food à la française, I landed this horrendous cold in July. "They" (the nebulous department of all things referential) call it a "Summer Cold" and I really don't know why it is just not a cold that you get and it happens to be sunny out. I think the whole thing is that it is a shock that one would get sick when one is supposed to be lying on a beach or canoeing.

I am doing neither.

I woke up this morning with the shivers and shakes and had to take two hot showers in NYC in July! to get warm. I am hacking and sneezing and coughing and snorking. Brutal.

Since my "life changing" Winter cold in January, I am not going to forge on through this one, but instead take care of my bloody self.

Here are some thoughts that happen to someone home alone whilst illin' in Summer:

Little Woman Syndrome: "I always thought I was a feisty independent Jo, but I think I am really the sickly one, Beth, when I really probably want to ultimately be Amy and go to Europe and marry well."

Old Uncle Syndrome: "I am destined to be that old uncle with bushels of hair in his ears and pouring out of his nose like the tails on the backends of two gone to seed mares standing side-by-side, who never married under mysterious circumstances and comes to live with you and gives you gifts like expired chocolate mints and tries to kiss you with grey 3 day growth and breath that smells like a popped zit."

When I Get Better Syndrome: "When I get better I am going to shoot video and edit to music and read something written over 100 years ago and get a New York driver's license and learn to sing." All things that I could have done all along become mega vital while laid up. This syndrome sadly passes upon recovery.

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