Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Coming HOME!

Wow, I came HOME to New York. THIS is where I live. I was visiting home in San Francisco and then I came home here. How is that possible?

Everyone has a different take on "HOME." See: where hat is, where heart is, where grew up, where born, where you feel most at, etc.

I don't feel torn about all of this for probably like the first time ever. I always seemed to live somewhere and want to be somewhere else or feel I couldn't stay where I wanted to be. And now not. What a fantastic breakthrough to achieve so early in life...late 40's!

My heart will always be in San Francisco in some capacity, but New York City is where I live baby and I LOVE it. It fuels me and I am so excited for the future here. In under 2 years, this city has really embraced me. Okay, not professionally or romantically, but in every way else!

Just being back on the subway late last night with other bleary-eyed types and standing in the humidity on the platform made me glad. When I emerged at my stop it was so familiar I was wondering if I had even been away. San Francisco was but a Brigadoon. How odd to feel that.

But it was a good and true Brigadoon and I am forever enriched because of it. I am back and better than ever.

Bring it on, NYC. You are gonna love me if it kills you.

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57chevypreterist said...

You may live in NY, but SF will always be "home". :)