Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Birthday.

Today I turned another year older. And today I am fine with that. I celebrated at a camp playing bagpipes with friends. What could be better than that? I mean up in the redwoods with my brother and pals I grew up with playing bagpipes. It was really fun.

I even enjoyed playing pipes.

I could write a whole essay today on how I love and loathe playing the pipes and how I am teetering on retiring from playing, but how I am "afraid" to stop and risk "losing" my identity. I suppose I should write something on this instead of being so cryptic, but it is my birthday and I can't be bothered!!!

Coincidentally I received an email today from my old bagpiping teacher. He was going through photos and found this one of me playing in his kitchen. What was this piper thinking back then? I must have been 19!!!

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