Friday, July 31, 2009

Returning the Beast

I finally did it. I had wanted to do it for some time, but was oddly afraid. Cannot explain why. Fear of the unknown maybe. What would it be like? Would I feel too uncomfortable? What would my friends say? Not about me, but to me - since I would no longer be able to talk about "The D List" or Don Draper in his 3rd season.

Yes, that is right. I did it. I returned my cable box. I not longer have television. A medium I supposedly work in and care about.


It is so FREEING ! Maybe I will read the classics. Who knows what I will do!

Budget cuts necessitated this move. I can no longer afford to pay for this (now) luxury item.

And the funny thing is I want to work in digital media so I will watch content on my computer and it will be good training for me to live this way. I will view and watch Daily Show on-line. Even Miss Marple is there! Oh JOY!! And all those DVDs that I have and there is even Netflix or dare I say it, the library!

I thought I would "nip in" to Time Warner on 23rd Street and drop this puppy off. When I walked in I saw was a place that "was a combination of a welfare office and an airport with oversold, delayed flights and angry people..." (quote is from my friend Jon who had the same experience in California.) But that is what it was! I got a number with an "estimated wait time of 44 minutes" printed on it.

Seems I am not alone is letting go of this luxury item. There were simply LOADS of people there returning boxes.

I should have organized a hiking group or book club then and there.

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