Sunday, July 19, 2009

Out on The Frying Pan

Jerry is just back from touring all over Australia. In a week's turnaround time he takes off to do volunteer work in Tanzania. Lisa wanted to have a drinks get together during his "New York window" and I suggested this place I had passed by on one of my "walkabouts" up the Hudson River walkway.

It is called "The Frying Pan" after the historic lightship this bar/restaurant occupies at the end of an old railroad loading dock. Like the Highline, it is an amazing 're-purpose" achievement that New York City seems to be so good at. And what a good place it turned out to be.

There are loads of places all over this bobbing barge to sit with friends and have a drink and a burger. It isn't a scene in a way that anyone would feel unwelcome. It just a nice way for the "po folk" who don't have a home in the Hamptons to enjoy some summer on the water!

Surprisingly there is a lot of square footage in this place and I had walked around looking for my party and finally had to call Jerry on his cell. In the meantime I crashed into my wonderful friend and fellow California ex-pat, Josie having beers with pals. Great to see her as always.

Aha! There we are. It was a great time hanging out and hearing Jerry's tales of Aussie life and about his plans for Africa. We worked together and as I scrape to find a new gig, he is in a different place and is taking this time off. He seems so entirely happy. And today it was infectious.

Ryan in this photo is an art director and I "hired" him for this group shot. He told me when the lighting was good. I was the producer of the shoot and booked the woman at the next table who was a photographer. She stood on a chair and took this photo of our maritime good time.

Jerry is really a good guy and I am so happy I met him in Utah and got to work with him in New York and that we have gotten to be friends. He is also an excellent Facebook chronicler of his travels which is always appreciated by those of us at home.

Jerry with my friend Jennifer, fellow UWS denizen and appreciated Manhatin reader! We had a good yak on the 1 subway back to the 80's after our boat ride today.

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