Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Statue and David

The statue is Columbus rising out of my left ear at Columbus Circle in New York City. The David is David.

Met my pal David Bottrell last night at his New York pad in Hell's Kitchen. He was in from LA and we have not seen each other since he did "Kitchen Intervention" with me when I was trying to move out of my apartment in Los Angeles. I advise you all to get a David when you are moving out. I was insane with self-involvement and he dismantled my whole kitchen and talked me into throwing out the crusty, half empty (half full?) bottle of walnut oil and the spaghetti sauce fingerprinted jar of yellowing bay leaves, etc. Bastard, I miss those things!

I feel sometimes that he must just run for the hills in his head when he sees me because I mentally lie on a couch and tell him everything when I see him. When he asks me how I am I start with what happened in Mrs. Hammond's kindergarten class. I am going to work on "Fine. You?" But God love him. I hope he moves here as I would love to see him more often.

I won't tell you his story, though it is a fantastic one in every sense, I will let him tell it and I will just plug his blog! Yes, we are friends and bloggers! We even talked blogging last night and I loved it. The NEW Dungeons and Dragons! David is a writer in Hollywood and also an actor. He directed a film "Available Men" that got a lot of BUZZ (that word again!) and starred in "Boston Legal" as "Lincoln Meyer' in many excellent episodes.

So click on his name here and you can see a link for his blog "Parts and Labor" and I will link it on my blog as that what we do. Us bloggers. Enjoy.

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