Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pssst. Over Here. I Got Yer Ho, Ho!

Sugar. Today's topic is SUGAR. Not the term of endearment, or the bubbling brown musical, not the Sugars of New York, but the grainy, lovely, sparkly white substance. If you have ever seen the final scenes of the Al Pacino version of "Scarface" where he is comically surrounded by mounds of cocaine, that would be me in a bakery setting with refined sugar.

I am all about the arugula and the tofu by day, but by night I want Ben and I want Jerry with a Madeleine or two on the side. I figure that I can handle it since I walk. Here is my actual statement to the press: "I walk therefore I can have two cupcakes and a pint of Dulce de Leche any time I please. I am not like other mortals." Makes sense to me.

But lately I have been climbing the walls with the stuff. It is April and then it will be May and June and July and at this rate then Augustus Gloop. No way. I hereby declare to my 3. 5 readers...

Here goes: I am going to stay away from it for a while and see what happens. Not the most emphatic of statements, but it is all I can muster.

I got some protein and some L-Glutomine and some Chromium. This is my defense.

Why am I sharing this here? I have no idea.

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criticlasm said...

If only because I am trying to stop diet soda and sugar. So thanks for sharing. I need to stop the madness as well. Especially since summer body weather is coming around again. and I'd like to keep my teeth.