Monday, April 14, 2008

Bo Knows Fish

Brad and Bo with the killer City view.

Met Brad and Bo at Bo's Penthouse Highrise Apartment in the Sky above the 60s in the Upper West Side. I had not seen it since the kitchen was finished and it is amazing. The place is amazing. Including free-standing metal sculpture by artist who happens to also be a friend and just the right couch and perfect entryway furniture.

Let's be honest, if you're gay you need to get something. (Oh c'mon, get over it!) Some people get the Gay Decorating Gene. I did not; Bo did. Some people also get the Gay Clothing Gene where you know how to dress perfectly for every occasion. I did not. When saggy ass jeans with a humphy back posture in unremarkable blue shirt on an array of Pottery Barn-safe furniture is La Mode, then I will be H-O-T, but until then I am an outcast. An OUTCAST, I tell you! (Some people do get the Gay Whiny Gene...)

Enough about me...

Bo had us over for dinner. He made fish and roasted veg. A-mazing. (Some people get the Gay Cooking Gene?) He was a wizard in that kitchen and sliced and diced those Trader Joes packages right open. A feast was served and a good time was had.

I was thinking how many people it takes to make a dinner party. I was going to say three minimum which is what we had, but I am going to say one or more. It is the spirit that counts the most and I have had some great moments with me and my TV tray, but it was a pleasure to be a guest at Bo's for a lovely meal.

Can't you just envision a lawn with chickens in the bg?

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